For ten years I cared for my husband, who first showed signs of Alzheimer’s in his late fifties, after he was diagnosed with the disease.  I found during those years of caregiving that it was helpful to share the journey of caring with others in similar circumstances—people who understood because they, too, were experiencing what I was. Since my husband’s death, I have become a mentor for a group of people who are caring for family members with Alzheimer’s. They add to my understanding of the journey caregivers must make. Some days it can be lonely when you are a caregiver/caretaker. Sometimes you don’t know whom to turn to.  I would encourage all who are caregivers too find a local group to be a part of, but this, too, can be your group.  Hopefully the conversation here will be useful to you, and you can share your own questions, discoveries, stone walls, and moments of joy.

As a place of beginning, I will start with the moment of diagnosis.